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Established in 1985, Wing Hop Fung is the premier and trusted retailer of Chinese herbs, teas, ginseng, Asian delicacies, housewares, and fine wine and spirits. Born from generations of herbal and tea wisdom, Wing Hop Fung means “Together, Forever, Prosper.” A shopping mecca unlike any other, Wing Hop Fung aims to establish a unique experience for everyone.

We're currently looking for:

Position: Network/Office Tech Support Specialist

Position Opened:

1 Position

Job Duties:

Responsible for managing and maintenance of our Ethernet, VPN system, office equipment, and computer systems. Also responsible for cyber security and/or any other computer issues.  


Be with responsibility and motivated. Respect the position and other colleagues. You should have mandatory computer knowledge, familiar with Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS systems, and are capable of installation, toning and maintaining electronic products and computer components. Good communication skills and be fluent in Chinese or English. Experience is preferred.

Time Schedule: 

Full-time or Part-time (3+ days/week for part-time)



To apply, please send your resume to hr@winghopfung.com with the position listed in the title of your e-mail. you’re applying for in the email subject.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.