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110042  Supreme Queen Pearl of Jasmine Green Tea

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Supreme Queen Pearl of Jasmine Green Tea #1113 (4oz)

Item Number: 110042
Product Weight: 4oz
Shipping Weight: 0.7500
Organic: No
Package Type: Bag
Origin: Zhejiang, China

Available: In stock


Supreme Queen Pearl of Jasmine Green tea contains tender silver leaves tightly rolled up into a pearl shape and scented with Jasmine flowers. The blending process usually takes three rounds, each starting with a fresh batch of flowers for optimal fragrance and aroma. Once these pearls are brewed, the leaves unfurl and release an aroma of citrus and jasmine orchards as well as antioxidants that are great for the body and skin.

Additional Information

Item No. 110042
Product Weight 4oz
Shipping Weight 0.7500
SKU No. 1113
Organic No
Package Type Bag
Unit Per Case No
Unit Size No
Unit Weight No
Origin Zhejiang, China

Customer Reviews

This tea is awesome! Review by Margaret Foster
This tea is awesome! You should never miss it! Although it's a little expensive, but it's worth
Best Tea Review by Victoria
This tea has grown on me; its jasmine aroma is enchanting calling me to have more. The silvery green tea buds are beautifully curled, opening up with each infusion revealing a rich palate of flavores.
My Flavor Tea! Review by Michael Parker
I love jasmine teas so much! They are delicious and aromatic.
Review by Sheena
This is my favorite jasmine pearl tea. I only buy it here. Can't beat the price for the aroma and the quality. I've compared it with another company but this is still the best. I always buy it during 20% off. I highly recommend this.
Review by Jen L
I bought this tea at store when I walking around Chinatown. I was so overwhelmed by all the different varieties of tea. I ended up buying this tea after getting a whiff of it's enticing smell. It was priced at $58 a pound and I bought 1/2 pound. I wish I bought more of it after I brewed some of it last night. It is the best Jasmine tea I've ever had.
Review by Ronald Coker
I bought premium jasmine pearl, supreme queen pearl of jasmine bulb with red strawberry flower, and supreme Phoenix honey orchid oolong tea. I know they're a mouthful to say, but it fits what I'm looking for as for taste and aroma.

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